Results 2017-2018

Men's Minor Singles
Round 1
R Hudson def L Dyer 25/18; A Smith def P Haigh 25/22; D Toohey def M Brill 26/14; D Atkinson def N Peck 25/21; W Smith def T Hastings 25/21; L Archer def G Richards w/o.

Quarter Finals
R Hudson def R Fraser 26/10; D Toohey def A Smith 25/20; W Smith Def D Atkinson 25/18; L Archer def R Howard 25/13

Semi Finals
R Hudson def D Toohey 25/23; L Archer def w Smith 25/12

Raoul Hudson def Leon Archer

Men's Open Singles

Round 1
K Davern def J Appleyard 25/23; D Minns def G Buchanan 25/22; G Hemingway def W Cole 25/19; M Jackson def J Borg 25/16; B Hunt def D Lewis 25/22;R Boutcher def A Appleyard 26/14; R McMullen def G Ayton 25/18; R Antel def W Ogden w/o; A Gamble def M Singh 25/13

Round 2
W Springer def N Harris 25/11;
S Boden def K Davern 25/15; G Hemingway def D Minns 25/24; M Jackson def B Hunt 25/20; R McMullen def R Boutcher 25/14; A Gamble def R Antel 25/15; J Walker-Davis def D Bassett 25/12; T Douce def S Springer 25/9.

Quarter Finals
W Springer def S Boden 25/20; G Hemingway def M Jackson; R McMullen def A Gamble 25/15;  J Walker-Davis def T Douce 25/19.

Semi Finals
W Springer def G Hemingway 25/11; R McMullen lt J Walker-Davis 8/25


Josh Walker-Davis def Will Springer 25/11

Champion of Champions

Women's Champion: Denise Middap     R/up Deb Lee

Men's Champion: Peter Zoon        R/up Chris Lee.

BN Women's Open Pairs  

Semi Finals
K Saunders/C Hodgetts def V Jolliffe/S Lees 28-3
R Simpson/R Summers def C Davis/J Dixon 19-15

K Saunders/C Hodgetts def R Simpson/R Summers  22-9

BN Men's Open Pairs


Gurr/Lewis def Berwick/Appleyard

Semi Final
Gurr/Lewis def Springer/Spinger
Berwick/Appleyard def Roach/McKay

Quarter Finals

Springer/Springer def Watts/Hadley
Gurr/Lewis def Douce/Gamble
Berwick/Appleyard def Bassett/Cole
Roach/McKay def MuntingGroves

Section Winners (Open)

Section 1.  McKay / Roach     Next Best Douce / Gamble
Section 2.   Gurr / Lewis      Next Best Bassett / Cole
Section 3.   Berwick / Appleyard   Next Best Muntin / Groves
Section 4. Springer / Springer
Section 5.   Watts / Hadley

BN Men's Minor Pairs


McDonald/Webb def Archer/Smith

Section Winners (Minor)

Section 1. McDonald / Webb
Section 2.   Archer / Smith

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BN Men's Open Fours and Women's Open Fours Championships

The BN Men’s and Women’s Open Fours have been completed at the Trevallyn Bowls Club. Play commenced at 9.30 on a bright and sunny Sunday 19th.  Spectators appreciated the umbrella shade throughout the day. Thank you to Trevallyn for hosting the event.

Men’s Open Fours
Round 1
G.Ayton 13 lt D.Minns 15
J.Appleyard 20 def D.Bassett 14
Round 2
G Ayton 14 def D Bassett 12
J Appleyard 15 lt D Minns 18
Round 3
G Ayton 14 def J Appleyard 10
D Bassett 9 lt D Minns 12
WINNER: David Minns(s), Tim Douce, Wayne Ogden, Alan Gamble  (6 points +8)

Women’s Open Fours
The final of the Women’s Open Fours was also completed on Sunday.
The winning team is Maxine Monson(s), Bev Huett, Madge Strochnetter and Sophie Fletcher.   Final scores 21 – 8.

Well done to all participants.