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East Coast Player of the year

Shane Pollington from the Swansea Bowls Club became the inaugural winner of the Bowls North East Coast Bowler of the Year; presented at Bicheno RSL Bowls Club on Monday 23rd April.



East Coast clubs singles champions

Winner : Gardia Newstead (Bicheno)
Runner Up: Lyn Taylor (Scamander)
Winner:  Shane Pollington ( Swansea)
Runner Up: Glenn McDonald (St. Marys)


East Coast Clubs Pairs Sectional Draw

Due to the number of entries received a Section is being played on Saturday January 6, thank you to those would have agreed to play making this possible.

 Section 5 is  being played on Saturday January 6, 2018, 9.30am roll up for a 9.45am start

  (These players are not required to play on Sunday  January 7, 2018).

  1st game: G. Newstead/ S. Bean plays A. Clingo/J. Clingo

  2nd game: Losers of the first game plays B. Wesley/S. Pollington

  3rd game: B. Wesley/S. Pollington plays winner of the first game.

  Sectional Draw for Sunday  January 7, 2018, 9.15am rollup for a 9.30am start

     Section 1: M. Tunks/J. O’Hara, V. Whatley/M. Pyke, D. Newstead/W. Aitken, J. McDonald/G. McDonald.

     Section 2: B. Hodgetts/S. Golder, P. Parker/M. Oliver, S. Mercer/R. Mercer, M. Hook/G. Percy.

     Section 3: S. McCarthy/C. Huett, C. Stingel/L. Taylor, D. Turner/T. Grose, D. Pyke/B. Hill.

     Section 4: K. Pollington/J. Pollington, W. Lowe/T. Besgrove, T. Viney/I. Johnston, B. Reeves/D. Harrison.

     Section 5: played on Saturday January 6, 2018 as above

 Good bowling to all

East Coast Fours Championship:


Sue Smith, Gail Tunks, Michael Tunks, John O’Hara

Bruce Reeves, Chris Reeves, Greta Harrison, Darryl Harrison

Carolyn Stingel, Joe Sumrall, V Hodgetts, Lyn Taylor


Bill Hodgetts, Shane Pollington, Dean Pyke, Barry Hill

St. Marys

Ronda Mercer, Trevor Viney, Graeme Hayes, Glenn McDonald

Audrey Clingo, Tamatha Grose, Stephen Mercer, John Clingo


Shaun McCarthy, Wayne Aikken, Phil Parker, Mark Oliver

Michael Hook, Cody Huett, Graeme Percy, Sue Bean

Sectional Play Winners

Section 1 Swansea skip Barry Hill

Section 2 St Marys skip Glenn McDonald

East Coast Triples Championship

Today Sunday 19th November Gaylene Mc Nab (Secretary BN) and I were present at the Final of East Coast Club’s Triples championship held at Bicheno Bowls Club, the Host Club for the 2017-18 season. The weather was fantastic and the view from the deck was superb, looking down onto the bowling green with the sea view in the background, it all made for a great day.

The final was hard fought between teams from St Marys and Swansea with only one point separating them in the latter stages of the match.

The team from St Marys with lead Trevor Viney, Graeme Hayes and Skip Glen Mc Donald took the lead and won convincingly (21-13) in the end over the team from Swansea lead Bruce Reeves, Vern Hodgetts and Skip Darryl Harrison. A good game played in great spirits well done to all players and Congratulations to Glen and his team.

Thank you to Bicheno for hosting and running the event over the past two Sundays, supplying refreshments etc for players, and my gratitude and thanks to Gary Laycock who travelled from Scamander to umpire for both days.

On behalf of Bowls North I would take this opportunity to say how wonderful it was to see how many entries made up the draw for the Championship, in all 11 teams played off over the two Sundays, well done to everyone.

Winners: Glen McDonald (sk) Graeme Hayes and Trevor Viney       

  Runner up: Darryl Harrison, Vern Hodgetts and Bruce Reeves

Marleen van den Bosch,  President Bowls North


East Coast Clubs' Triples Draw

Starting Time: 9.15am roll up for 9.30am start
The East Coast Clubs’ Sectional Play draw as follows:
    Section 1: S. Bean, I. Johnston, D. Harrison, B. Hill.
    Section 2: L. Taylor, G. McDonald, J. O’Hara, B. Hodgetts
    Section 3: J. Clingo, M. Oliver, C. Huett, BYE
(an amazing effort , 11 teams well done)
Another entry will accept  to fill the bye,
Please contact me if you can find another team
To  eliminate a BYE in the Post Sectional, after the 3 sectional winners,
the next best winner  will go into the Post Sectional, this is to eliminate
a team going straight into the final.
Below are the  four qualifiers for the E/Coast Triples
Section 1  D.Harrison  ( Scamander )
Section 2  G McDonald  ( St Marys )
Section 3  D Newstead  ( Bicheno )
Best overall loser  J.Ohara ( Scamander )