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Promotions and Relegations - end of season 1718


Please find attached a form to be completed when you affiliate a player after your club’s first bulk affiliation.
This is to ensure that all playing members  affiliation is paid and will alert the Treasurer that a payment is to  be received per the BN COP


(a)    Before commencing pennant play or playing in any Club, Bowls North or Bowls Tasmania championship event, a player must nominate and register with a club associated with BN.

  • After the commencement of the season, new player/s' registration form is to be emailed immediately to the Bowls North Secretary and the affiliation fee payment must be received by Bowls North within five (5) working days after player being added to the club's database .

(b)   Players who have moved from other clubs (either during the pennant season or during the winter recess) must obtain a clearance from their previous club, which must be processed through the Bowls Connect (formerly IMGSTG) database before commencing play.

(d)   Players who move from Associations outside BN also require a clearance, including mainland clubs/associations

(e)   Clearances will not be processed by BN after January 31st each year in each bowls season. Clearances after this date require Bowls North Board approval before processing.

  Player Registration Form


The Examiner has updated the website for Sports results and teams

Web Address:

Select “Send us your news” from the header options.

Scroll down and Select  “ Want to share sport results, draws or teams?

Fill in the form as before.(details below)
Not only is the form really simple to use but it can be accessed via any computer or
mobile device, including your smartphone. 

Fill in the following details:

- The name of the sport, eg: bowls, golf, sailing (there is a drop down menu to
- The name of your association or club
- The name of the competition or division, eg: mens, ladies, stableford, pairs, finals
fixtures etc
- The date of the competition
- The results or team information
- Any additional information you would like to include

- At this stage, the service is for sports teams, draws and results only - any
worded reports should still be emailed to ? ...?
Please also feel free to send through any photos taken during events.
The Examiner is UNABLE to accept faxes and so results sent via fax will not be

Portal Results Guide - Portal help

Adding players to a team - Portal help

Copying a team - Portal help