Entry Procedure for Bowls North Championships


January 20, 2018 

This is a reminder to all players that Bowls North has a procedure in place for entries to all Championship events.

If a player wishes to participate in any of the many Bowls North events these entries must be sent c/o Bowls North Secretary.

Entries will not be accepted via Facebook or verbally.

The correct procedures are as follows:
1. using the entry form supplied to your club (also on the BN website).
2. by mail to the Bowls North Inc PO Box 999, Launceston 7250 or
3. electronically (via email)
4. hand delivered to the BN office , 22 Adelaide Street.

Payment by cheque or electronically to the Bowl North
1. by mail a cheque only to the Bowls North Inc, PO Box 999, Launceston 7250
2. included with entry form from your club
3. electronic banking, with description of the event + name/club
4. delivered to the BN office, 22 Adelaide Street, cheque (no cash) only including the entry form

It is to be noted that the Match Committee will not be accepting late entries for any further Championship.

If an error is made by Bowls North representative causing a player to be omitted from a draw, then a redraw will take place to rectify the situation.

Marleen van den Bosch
President Bowls North

Attachment:  BN President Memo