Thursday and Saturday State Finals Information


Thursday State finals series.

Congratulations to all clubs who won their respective BN Thursday Pennant Finals.

The following clubs will be contesting this years State finals series;
    Division 1 – Penguin, Trevallyn and Sandy Bay
    Division 2 – Ridgley, Deloraine and Glenorchy Rodman
    Division 3 – Devonport, Scottsdale and Geeveston
    Division 4 – Devonport and Cosgrove Park
Because there are only two participating clubs in the Division 4 state final, this final will be played on Thursday at 9am along with the final round of each division.

EVENT:             Thursday State Pennant Finals
EVENT DATES: Wednesday March 21st – Thursday March 22nd.
VENUE:             Division 1 – 4 All at Latrobe Bowls Club.


Game 1 – Wednesday 21st, 9am Start: North West versus North.
Game 2 – Wednesday 21st, 1pm Start: South versus Loser of Game 1
Game 3 – Thursday 22nd, 9am Start: South versus Winner of Game 1

Presentations for all divisions will take place immediately after the final game has been completed at lunchtime on Thursday.

Saturday State Finals

Congratulations to all clubs who won their respective BN saturday Pennant Finals.

The teams competing are as follows;
    Premier: Glenorchy Rodman, North Launceston, South Burnie
    Div 1: Howrah, East Launceston, Burnie
    Div 2: Glenorchy Rodman, Trevallyn, Wynyard
    Div 3: Glenorchy City, Invermay, Ridgley
    Div 4: Glenorchy City, West Launceston, Swansea
    Div 5: Oatlands, West Launceston, Ulverstone
    Div 6: Howrah, Invermay, Ridgley

 There are a number of clubs with 2 teams competing. Unfortunately it is not always possible to accomodate them both at the same venue.

EVENT:              Saturday State Pennant Finals
EVENT DATES:   Saturday March 24th – Sunday March 25th.
VENUES:     Premier, Div 3, Div 4 & Div 6 –    Sandy Bay Bowls Club
                   Div 1, Div 2, & Div 5 –                Rosny Park Bowls Club


Game 1 –     Saturday 24th, 9am Start: South vs North
Game 2 –     Saturday 24th, 1pm Start: North West vs Loser Game 1
Game 3 –     Sunday 25th, 9am Start: North West vs Winner of Game 1
                          *please note that the East Coast is in place of NW in Div 4.
Practice Rules
Rules for practice during the Saturday and Thursday Tasmanian Pennant Finals will be as follows.
• There will be no practice permitted prior to any 9am games other than the usual 2 trial ends.
• The team with the bye may practice on the rinks that the two teams have just played on at the conclusion of their game. However they must be off the green 30 minutes prior to the start of play or by the time the cards are drawn, whichever comes first.

Saturday State finals - Memo

Thursday State Finals - Memo