IT Training conducted by Bowls Australia


Bowls Australia will be conducting training in each region covering the new websites available to all clubs through the new Bowls Link system. There will also be training on the Competition Management system as well. There will also be opportunities for you to learn more about the new Bowls Link IT system being introduced.

Training in the North will be conducted on Wednesday 26th September – Invermay

  • Competition Management Training (10am – 12pm)
  • Website Training (2pm – 4pm)
  • Competition Management Training (6pm – 8pm)

All clubs have been notified.

Should I bring any equipment?
This is very much a “hands on” training day so we would recommend brining your own laptop to this session. Laptops handle a couple of components better than iPads or tablets.

What exactly is Competition Management Training?
The competition management training will cover the “results portal”. This is the avenue for recording things such as pennant results. This is the same training that was conducted last year and will still be the old system being used.

What exactly is the Website Training?
As per the press release sent out by Bowls Australia some weeks ago, Bowls Australia and most State and Territories are moving to the new IT System, “Bowls Link”. This will still give clubs a free website if they want one. However it will be a new website to what you currently use. BA will be giving your club training on how to use the new club websites. If you club doesn’t currently have a website and would like one, then that is ok as well. We can get you one!

Do I need to register that I’m coming?
You do not need to register, however we would appreciate it if you reply to us to give us a heads up on how many so we can have appropriate table space, extension cords etc. available to you.

Does this have anything to do with the database and member information?
No this doesn’t have anything to do with the database and member information. The database will be changing next year with the implementation of the new Bowls Link, but the good news is that all of your membership information will be transferring over to the new database so you do not need to start from scratch. We will do training for this next year once the new database is up and running.